My Story: Premature Rainbow Baby

What is a rainbow baby

Rainbow baby is a baby born after miscarriage as well explained at, because after every storm there you’ll see a rainbow.

On August 2017,  I’ve had the most emotional and traumatic pregnancy delivery every mom-to-be wouldn’t want to experience. I gave birth to a 32 weeks premature rainbow baby boy. 

Prior to that at my 29th weeks of pregnancy, there had been series of spotting encountered. I had been admitted to the hospital, take some injections (to keep my baby on my womb until he’s ready to face the world) and advised to take bed rest for a couple of days. After that, I felt ok and was able to get back to work.

On my 32nd week, I woke up feeling groggy that day felt there was something under my bedsheet so I get up and checked…and there I see blood. I immediately tapped my husband and pointed the stains on our bed. He calmly says ill take you to the hospital. So there we went.

At the hospital, my ob still tried to control my early delivery but hadn’t happened because during that time my cervix already dilates to 4cm. Around 8 o’clock in the morning, I gave birth to a 32 weeks rainbow baby boy. He immediately takes at the NICU and got incubated.

Tears flow non-stop on my eyes as I saw our little one lying in the incubator with a tiny tube on his mouth, dextrose on his hands, another tube on his feet and his eyes were covered with cloth (protection from phototherapy). The nurse who assists me at my son’s room told me not to get upset because the baby is strong and shows good improvement.

As I look at the entire NICU I could see two other babies which were also inside the incubator. I then said to myself “Thanks God” why? because the other two incubated babies look pale and much smaller with my little one. I can see from afar purple colored of their skin, nurses said that one baby delivered at 28th weeks while the other one was at 30th weeks. Compare with my baby, he’s got a pinkish skin which by then the doctor said it was a good sign of survival (though still needs enough observation).

The day goes by and you can see me every day at the hospital. The routine goes checking my baby’s condition, breastfeed and kangaroo care for like 3-4 hours straight (imagine I did it, whew!). The only rest I consider is during lunch time (perhaps). After that, I’ll get back to the NICU again to carry my son for hours until my husband arrives from work to pick me up and go straight home. This repetitive situation lasts for almost 30 days.

I could still remember there are times I almost fall down, always ask questions why did it happen to us, to my baby. This is not easy as I may have suffered postpartum depression, luckily I have a very loving, understanding and supportive husband who always has his arms to hug me and tells me everything’s gonna be alright, “God knows and God will answer” that’s the exact words he utters.

On the 4th week of visiting my baby, his pedia talk to me and said we can take the baby home, “finally”. But another situation followed… Hospital bills, yes it was not the amount we expect and prepared for. Thankfully we’re able to accomplish necessary documents one day after I gave birth, able to drop all those at my company, and managed to get my little one his own health card so all the charges incurred had been reimbursed.

The best advice I could give to all preggy mom out there is that you have to take care of yourself 3X than what you are when you’re not yet conceived. Any annoyed feeling most especially in your tummy should be consulted immediately to your ob doctor. You and only you know your body as well as the baby inside you.


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  • Lucian Hodoboc

    I am so sorry that you had to go through this. I hope that God will bless you with the strength to completely recover from this traumatizing experience. You are such a strong and wonderful mother, and I’m sure that your children will be proud of you when they grow up and read this article.

    April 26, 2019 at 12:06 am Reply
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