How to Earn Money from your Receipts

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How to earn money from your receipts using a mobile app (Snapcart Review)




One time while I was browsing from a facebook group, I bumped into one post states how she earns money through grocery receipts. It is through a mobile app called Snapcart. Really I said, “can I earn money through that app?”, since FB group has almost 100K members, it’s like raining comments from that certain post. Then one member posted earning proof (3 payment post directly on her bank account). From that on,  told myself why not give a try since every week we need to head off to the grocery store to buy food for the family and milk for my little ones (that’s what every mom’s do).  And until now I am a receipts collector! From grocery receipts down to mini mart receipts booyaa…

Snapcart is a mobile application that can be downloaded through google play. With this app, you can earn money by snapping or taking photos of grocery as well as medicine receipts. Other receipts are not yet accepted such as receipts from a gas station, restaurants, hardware stores, and clothing boutiques. But based on the latest update, snapcart is planning to merge with a well-known restaurant so eventually, they’ll be accepting receipts form these merchants. I’ll cross-fingers to that, so I can dine, eat and earn (yeah!). One thing you need to take note is that snapcart only accepts those receipts within 3 days of purchase (meaning you should snap your receipts 3 days after the transaction else they might get dumped!).

What kind of receipts that snapcart accepts:

  • Receipts from grocery
  • Receipts of purchased medicines
  • Receipts of purchased cosmetics (not perfume)
  • Receipts from a convenient store
  • Receipts from fast food chain (limited time only)

Make sure to check the below notes to avoid rejection of your snapped receipts:

  • Maximum date of receipts should be 3 days ago
  • Items purchased are for personal use only or from the same household. Not for resell
  • Snapped receipts should be real, not duplicated or modified.

Receipts amount and corresponding cash back can be viewed below:

Cashback can also be multiplied depending on your level as a snapper:

Snapcart also gives bonus coins by answering Survey, watch videos, and photo shot on the certain item receipts they require. Collected coins can be used in snaptastic games where you can win various prizes like cashbacks, coins and other special surprises from snapcart partners.

Final Thoughts

At this moment I can say that snapcart is one legit way on how you can earn money using your mobile phone, it really pays! Below is the sample payment shot I got from them.  By the way, they send payment through given bank account 7 days after your request. Below is the sample cash back I received from snapcart, deposited at my BPI account.









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