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November 2018

How to create a perfect budget plan for the holiday season

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Photo by George Dolgikh from Pexels

3 Ways to have a perfect holiday budget

Yes, the holiday season is fast approaching. Just other moms around, you might now be thinking of the gifts you’ll be preparing for your friends, family and loved ones. You might also wonder about the food you’ll serve on the holiday feast. But the biggest thing you’ll consider during this time of the year is your expenses, right my dear. Read more…

November 26, 2018

Glimpse at Girasole’s Sunflower Farm

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Before we head back to Cavite we’ve decided to buy some packed goods at Candelaria town for our snack while driving home. On our way to the town proper, we’ve had a chance to take a glance at the amazing Girasole Sunflower Farm.

Place Name: Girasole Sunflower Farm, formerly known as Angel’s Sunflower Field Read more…

November 1, 2018