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October 2018

  • How to budget your salary using ziplock

    How to manage your budget using ziplock

    Budget, correct me if I’m wrong but this is our daily struggle, right moms? Yes, I feel you but did you know that you can properly manage your daily, weekly and monthly savings and expenses using ziplock?

    One thing I’ve learned with my boss was how to properly manage Read more

  • Review: Huggies Dry Diapers 

    Why choose Huggies Dry over other diapers 

    So you all know that I’m a preemie mom, due to this I always ensure that what my baby use would be best for him.

    During the first day of my baby at the incubator and since it wasn’t a planned delivery, my husband had bought him a pack NB EQ baby dry (though we already had stock of NB Huggies dry at home), for temporary use while admitted at NICU. 2nd day, Read more

  • My Story: Premature Rainbow Baby

    What is a rainbow baby

    Rainbow baby is a baby born after miscarriage as well explained at, because after every storm there you’ll see a rainbow.

    On August 2017,  I’ve had the most emotional and traumatic pregnancy delivery every mom-to-be wouldn’t want to experience. I gave birth to a 32 weeks premature rainbow baby boy.  Read more