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September 2018

  • Meteor Garden 2018 – New Asia Novela Craze

    Why you should watch Meteor Garden 2018 

    A revival of the 2001’s hit TV series across Asia is now in the Philippines, Meteor Garden 2018. This version is made for the new generation, love story, although much of the scenes are connected with Meteor Garden 2001, a sequence about school life, love, and friendship bond.

    And since it’s a remake, there are certain things you’ll compare this on the previous teledrama, like the role of each character for example. Read more

  • How to Earn Money from your Receipts

    How to earn money from your receipts using a mobile app (Snapcart Review)

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    One time while I was browsing from a facebook group, I bumped into one post states how she earns money through grocery receipts. It is through a mobile app called Snapcart.

    Really I said, “can I earn money through that app?”. Since FB group has almost 100K members, it’s like raining comments from that certain post. Then one member Read more