Review: Huggies Dry Diapers 

Why choose Huggies Dry over other diapers 

So you all know that I’m a preemie mom, due to this I always ensure that what my baby use would be best for him.

During the first day of my baby at the incubator and since it wasn’t a planned delivery, my husband had bought him a pack NB EQ baby dry (though we already had stock of NB Huggies dry at home), for temporary use while admitted at NICU. 2nd day, I was also admitted due to preeclampsia, my husband informed me that our little angel had had skin irritation under on his behind but wasn’t get alarmed since he told me that everything is ok and the nurses take good care of him. On the 3rd day, I was advised to get out of the hospital but decided to directly drive at Devine Grace Medical Center (since I’ve admitted on the separate hospital).

At the time I spent with my son at the NICU, he had poop and while the nurse was changing his diaper told me he had acquired rashes on his genitals down to his behind. Maybe because baby’s skin is too sensitive plus skin reaction on the phototherapy and maybe (just maybe) on the diaper he use. Redness all over his private part observed and can hear his cute little crying voice as the nurse wipes the poop and put skin ointment.

The next visit I brought him NB Huggies Dry with which I had already purchased through Lazada before my delivery. I ask the nurses to change the diaper and see what progress will happen with the rashes. A week after using Huggies, my baby’s rashes tame down and as the day goes by disappear.





Here are the factors why I choose Huggies dry diapers:

  • Softness – entire diaper is soft, you can really feel and compare to other brands once touched.
  • Overnight dryness – as observed my baby stays dry all night long and sleeps comfortably.
  • Intact tape – unlike any other brands I’ve used, I do not experience loose tapes with every consumed diaper.
  • Rash free –As I’ve mentioned above no experienced rashes with my baby’s skin with this diaper. I’ve also tried other brands when I cannot find a diaper size for my baby but in just 2-3 changes I already notice red spot on my baby’s skin.


Final Thoughts

When it comes to price, Huggies has average cost than other brands (but still prefer to buy this rather than seeing my baby suffers from skin irritation). What I’m having difficulties with this product is that most of the time its “out of stock”. Several instances I’ve experienced is that we need to drive from one supermarket to another just because there’s no available stock from that certain store. Well, you can also purchase this item online via Lazada or hop in at Huggies website, you just need to sign up for mommy page, where they give discounts and sometimes freebies.

With that said so I’m still leaving you with which brand should you use for your baby. We all moms know and wanted the very best for our little bundle of joy. Happy baby, happy mommy!


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