Meteor Garden 2018 – New Asia Novela Craze

Why you should watch Meteor Garden 2018 

A revival of the 2001’s hit TV series across Asia is now in the Philippines, Meteor Garden 2018. This version is made for the new generation, love story, although much of the scenes are connected with Meteor Garden 2001, a sequence about school life, love, and friendship bond.

And since it’s a remake, there are certain things you’ll compare this on the previous teledrama, like the role of each character for example.


Dong Shancai (Shen Yue) A simple young freshmen girl with strong-willed behavior, stubborn sometimes and doesn’t allow herself to be bullied by anyone.

Dao Ming Si (Dylan Wang)  A senior student guy, comes from a wealthy, domineering family. He is a stubborn, hot-headed and arrogant leader of F4.

Huaze Lei (Darren Chen) F4 member. A sleepy-head, quiet, and indifferent to those outside his circle of friends. His one who doesn’t care about anyone’s

Feng Meizuo (Connor Leong) F4 member. One who enjoys making jokes and has an incredible memory.

Yan Ximen (Caesar Wu) F4 member. A certified playboy, he calls himself a good person but not a good man.












Good points to noticed with this version are:

  • Less violence – compared to the previous one where Shancai experienced being seriously bullied by her schoolmates after receiving a red card. Here, bullying was not emphasized instead challenged when Sanchai and Shing He received a joker card.
  • Smart and well-known F4 – This showcase every F4 member’s field of expertise, how well they are in playing the game called “Bridge”.
  • Youthful school love story – Almost all settings of the series shot at Mingde University, it captures how well Shancai on her studies.
  • Strong-willed Dao Ming Si – Demonstrates how strong her love for Sanchai. That he’ll do anything to get her love even if it takes to fight with his mom.

Final thoughts

Certainly, meteor garden 2018 will skip your heart a bit. This youth love story will definitely touch the heart of all ages. The cool theme with an added scenery of China, Canada and London will also fell you in love more with Dong Shancai and Dao Ming Si.


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