Household Realization: Discernment of God’s plan for our lives

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Following God’s Lead, Joyfully

I’d love to share with you my realization with our household topic last night. It’s all about understanding how God wants us to decide on which path we should take on our life.

Maybe you’re wondering what household is. It is a weekly group prayer meeting/ gathering by married couple members of Couple for Christ.

Attending this weekly household keep us connected with God’s words and provide learning for each and every topic we tackle.

We started with a bountiful dinner prepared by Bro Daniel and Sis Rhea followed by an opening prayer lead by Bro Francis.

Here I summarized some insights where the exchange of ideas and experiences had centered.

According to the book “Love as Children of Light”, our daily life is punctuated with decision-making situations at varying scales. Some could easily understand and have your decision right away while some needs a lot of thinking or discernment.

Discernment is more than weighing the pros and cons of whatever decision you’ll take in life. It entails taking a hard look at the realities we are confronted with and allowing our heart’s desires to dovetail with God’s plan.

It’s a feeling what our hearts say while being guided by reason. And exercising our free will, within the bounds of righteousness and truth.


Key Takeaway:

The process of discernment is finding God’s will on a decision and the choices we make. It involves allowing God’s intervention in exercising our own free will and fulfilling our personal desires.

It is synchronizing God’s will with our own choices. He designs the blueprint of our lives while we embellish it with our own uniqueness and creativity tampered with love and obedience to his will.

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Personal opinion:

My shared realization to this is as the book says; God had already prepared a blueprint for our lives yet he still gives us the ability to decide which path we’ll take.

And my personal belief is that even if you choose or decide a path you’d like to grab or plan ahead before you take it. He will still guide and show you the best road that fits for you.

All you have to do is pray and have faith that whatever decision you make in your life, God is with you all the way. And by continuous living by his words and wisdom, he’ll lead you to the most excellent place just right for you.

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As a couple, we make sure to sit down and talk about decisions we have to make may it be big or small. I’m just so grateful of having a husband buddy who’s always willing to listen, give the best advice and talk full of heart believing that God has a plan for us. Just pray and believe.

I know that we have our own personal discernment facing our daily life. How do you come up with a decision?


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