Glimpse at Girasole’s Sunflower Farm

Before we head back to Cavite we’ve decided to buy some packed goods at Candelaria town for our snack while driving home. On our way to the town proper, we’ve had a chance to take a glance at the amazing Girasole Sunflower Farm.

Place Name: Girasole Sunflower Farm, formerly known as Angel’s Sunflower Field

Location: Candelaria Bypass Road

“Life is better in the farm” – Click to tweet

I also wonder why it is called Girasole? And as I searched Mr. Google, to be exact there I’ve found the answer.

It means “an opal that reflects light in a bright luminous glow”, just like a sunflower.

Upon entering the area, you’ll be welcomed by colorful umbrellas and butterflies at the gate with hanging plants on the side of the walls.

Your eyes will enlighten up once you see the colorful garden view.

What’s good in here is that you’ll be able to take photos while having a view around the farm.

Highlights of this place are the beautiful growing sunflowers in almost half of the land area.

You’ll get that instagramable shots with the sunflowers for an affordable entrance fee of Php30.00 only (isn’t that cheap?).

There are other budding flowers and orchids around Girasole which you can manage to take some snaps.

They also have a little shop where you can buy food once you’ve felt hungry or just need to take a snack.

All in all, you’ll enjoy even a peep here at Girasol’s Sunflower farm; you can spend an hour and a half viewing and taking photo’s around. Just a bit of advice, if you have kids with you during your tour take some precautions by telling them not to run around to avoid unexpected injuries.

As almost all over the place have rough block surfaces, gravel, and stones.


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  • Lucas

    Hi there! Such a good short article, thanks!

    March 12, 2019 at 4:11 am Reply
  • Lucian Hodoboc

    Awesome photos! The flowers look really pretty, and I simply love the yellow letter that spell out the name with the heart and the sunflower in the middle.

    April 25, 2019 at 3:45 am Reply
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