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  • DIY: Collected coins in a bottle (Offering idea)

    What to do with collected coins

    Today, I’ve made a simple do it yourself project with collected coins gather through changes from our grocery purchase and from vehicle fare. I plan to add this up on our allotted church offering for this week mass.

    My husband and I usually have our offering every time we visit our church because we believe that we are just administrator of whatever we have right now. Read more

  • How to get free sample products for testing before buying

    Sample Room Review

    Wanna free sample? Ever heard the lines “try before you buy”? This is the exact hashtag I’ve come upon while browsing on my IG feeds.

    I got too curious about it and searched. As a result, it brought me with such an amazing answer and free goodies! Yes as I said I got free products from a website that offers free sample for testing before actually making a purchase. It’s sample room. Read more

  • How to create a perfect budget plan for the holiday season

    Photo by George Dolgikh from Pexels

    3 Ways to have a perfect holiday budget

    Yes, the holiday season is fast approaching. Just other moms around, you might now be thinking of the gifts you’ll be preparing for your friends, family and loved ones. You might also wonder about the food you’ll serve on the holiday feast. But the biggest thing you’ll consider during this time of the year is your expenses, right my dear. Read more

  • How to budget your salary using ziplock

    How to manage your budget using ziplock

    Budget, correct me if I’m wrong but this is our daily struggle, right moms? Yes, I feel you but did you know that you can properly manage your daily, weekly and monthly savings and expenses using ziplock?

    One thing I’ve learned with my boss was how to properly manage Read more

  • How to Earn Money from your Receipts

    How to earn money from your receipts using a mobile app (Snapcart Review)

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    One time while I was browsing from a facebook group, I bumped into one post states how she earns money through grocery receipts. It is through a mobile app called Snapcart.

    Really I said, “can I earn money through that app?”. Since FB group has almost 100K members, it’s like raining comments from that certain post. Then one member Read more